This is a short guide to the following screens of data:


  • For Assessing data click here
  • After the parcel data is presented, select Assessing and click on Property and Land Search. Enter the owner name, address, or parcel number to proceed. You will see the 'View this parcel on a map' message in red on the screen. Click on this message to present the corresponding map of the parcel. 

Related Details

- Click on Property and Land for additional property information

-All Special Assessments appear on the Winter Tax Bill

- Click on General/Sales, Buildings, or Images/Sketches as applicable

 Assessing Information

Patti Sampley is the Paw Paw Township Assessor. 

Her telephone number is 269-657-4340, extension 128.

Assessing Forms and information (Adobe Acrobat Reader required):

Property Transfer Affidavit - L-4260 - with instructions

Homeowners Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit - 2368 - with instructions

Pettion to Board of Review L-4035

There are deadlines by which a Principle Residence Exemption must be filed. The deadlines for a property owner to file a PRE Affidavit (Form 2368) for taxes are on or before June 1st and on or before November 1st. You must legally own and occupy the home. Additional rules apply when selling your home, under certain conditions. The millage rate for qualifying property is approximately 18 mills less than non-qualifying properties. You must apply for this exemption.

Personal Property Claiming Exemption 5076

Personal Property Exemption can be filed December 1st thru February 10th for the up coming tax year.

 Disabled Veterans Exemption 

Disabled Veterans Exemption must be filed in December to go on the next tax year.

 Land Division is done by the assessor and the application can be found here.

Approval of a division of land is required before it is sold, when the new parcel is less than 40 acres and not just a property line adjustment. (8102(e&f).

Michigan State Housing Development Authority

If you are having financial problems, don’t risk losing your home – there are options available. The Save the Dream toll-free number is 866-946-7432. Operated by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), the hotline directs homeowners to a homeownership counselor in their county who specializes in foreclosure prevention.

You can also go to for help with home improvement loans and other housing issues.

Proposal A

What is Proposal A and how does it impact me? Click here for a document regarding this topic.

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